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Random Password Generator
   This a tool that lets you create random passwords using upper and lower case alphanumeric characters (except for zero). You can set your password size from 6 to 15 characters in length. Remember that using a password like a birthday, pets name, mother or father's name are the easiest for hackers to figure out. A random alphanumeric password (the longer the better) is very hard to crack.

Pee Boy Image Annotator
   I'm sure you have seen the evil looking little boy stickers on cars and trucks where he is taking a pee on "Chevrolet", "Ford", or "Bin Laden", and so on. Well this tool lets you create your own pee on images. There are 9 image sizes to choose from ranging from 100x100 to 500x500 in 50 pixel increments. You can also add multiple lines of text with a choice of font styles and colors. Have fun with it.

Poo Boy Image Annotator (New)
   Just like the Pee Boy Annotator only the evil little boy is taking a poop on whatever you want him to. This tool lets you create your own poo on images. There are 9 image sizes to choose from ranging from 100x100 to 500x500 in 50 pixel increments. You can also add multiple lines of text with a choice of font styles and colors. Have fun with it.

Handy Cheat Sheets
   This is a page with very handy cheat sheets for quick references to help you with Perl, ASP, VBScript, PHP, MySql, Javascript, Microformats, CSS, CSS To Javascript, HTML Tags, and HTML Character Entities. You will want to save this page to your favorites.

Popup Window Maker
   This tool lets you quickly and easily create popup window codes for use in your webpages. A popup window is just a new browser window that opens up when activated. You can control the width, height and left and right spacing of the popup window on the screen. You can have any webpage open in your popup window. Simply enter your values and check your options in the form, then click the "Get Your Code" button to generate the popup window codes for you to paste into your webpage html.

Broadband Speed Tester
   This tool lets you check your highspeed DSL, Satellite or cable connection throughput and actual download speed. Tells you how many seconds it takes your browser to load either a 500k or 1meg image and shows your throughput and download speeds in an easy to read graph. Also tells you how many times faster your connection is than a typical dialup connection.

Broadband Speed Test Database
   This is a database of speed test results submitted by our speed tester users. It is provided to allow broadband users or those thinking about getting broadband to see and compare speeds attained by other broadband users that are in the same state, zip code, country or are using the same broadband type or provider.

Mouseover Image Maker
   This tool lets you create mouseover images. Mouseover images are handy for buttons and other images used as links. Simply fill in the form to create your own mouseover images and generate the code for you to use in your webpages.

True Type Font Viewer
   This tool lets you enter the url of a true type font (.ttf file) and then displays some example text showcasing the font.

Domain Name Lookup
   You can look up a domain name to see if it is available to register or to see info on who owns the domain name if it is already registered. There is a limit of 5 domain name searches per day.

Traceroute & Ping
   Perform traceroute and ping tests from your PC to a particular server.

Banner Maker
   This is an easy to use banner maker with lots of font styles and bg and text colors to choose from. Make banners with either a transparent or colored background. You can add decorative borders or frames around the banners as well.

Banner Maker 2
   This version of the banner maker uses pre-made banner blanks and lets you add multiple lines of text in different font colors and styles at any point on your banner. Lots of banner blanks, font styles and text colors to choose from and you can even use your own banner blanks.

Color Isolator
   This tool is for finding the value of a specific color in an image. It gives you the value of the color you click on in the image and also the inverse and reverse color values in hex and RGB. Useful for coordinating text colors with images or backgrounds on your webpages.

Image Index Viewer
   This tool lets you enter the url of an open image index and then displays all the images in that index at once. No more clicking on each file name to view the images because you can see them all at one time. Also has a tile feature to quickly view images as backgrounds and a manipulate feature for quick access to a number of image tools.

Text Converter
   This tool lets you type or paste any text into a textarea and then convert it using different formats like capitalizing the first letter of each word, converting to all lowercase or all uppercase and even reverse the text.

Image Resizer
   This tool lets you enter the url of an image and then view it and adjust the width, height and border dimensions in real time. It generates a copy and paste image tag to use on your webpages..

Custom Scrollbar Maker
   This tool lets you create the code for custom colored scrollbars on your webpages. You will see the scrollbar on the right of the page change in real time. When you have it the way you want it just click the button to get your code.

Perl Script Checker & Line Counter
   This tool is for checking your perl scripts for syntax errors and finding the script line number you have an error on. Just paste your script into the textarea and choose either "Check Syntax" or "Count Lines". Very handy tool.

HTML To Perl Converter
   A simple but useful tool for anyone just learning or wanting to learn perl scripting, its especially helpful for students in anything from high school to online degree programs. You simply paste your html codes in the textbox and click "Convert It" and the tool will generate a perl script for you to copy and paste to a file in your account. Please read the instructions at the top of the converter pages.

Image & Test Center
   This is a tool that gives you access to a number of online image manipulation utilities. You can use images from the web or upload images from your PC. Also has an image tiler so you can see how your image will look as a background.

Background Image Tiler
   Got a background site? You need this tool. It lets you display your bacgounds on your page and when someone clicks on one it sends that image url to this tool and the tool tiles it on a page so they can see how it looks. No need for you to make a display page for each of your backs.

Pop Up Alert Maker
   Very useful and easy to use tool for making javascript popup messages on your webpages. You can enter up to 5 popup messages and even put them on a delayed timer from 0 to 120 seconds.

Giant Color Chart
   A perl script that generates a giant color chart that displays a thumbnail, color name, RGB and hex value for each of almost 500 colors. Has textboxes for both the RGB and hex color values making it easy for you to cut or copy those values.

Backgrounds & Images
   Cool tool with a large & diverse selection of images and backgrounds to choose from. Background images are automatically tiled when selected and images are displayed on a dark gray bgcolor so you can tell if its transparent or not. Also has an interface to access many manipulation tools.

216 Color Cube
   My own new design of an old tool. It has 216 colored squares that when highlighted change the page bgcolor and when you click on a square it brings up a prompt that gives you the hex value of that color that you can easily copy.

Bg & Text Color Selector
   Very useful tool for finding bg and text color combinations. It has color menus that let you choose bg and text colors and also textboxes that display that color hex value and lets you cut or copy it. You can also make changes to the color hex value in the textbox and hit Enter or Return on your keyboard to change the page bg or the text color to the new value.

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