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   If you have a free backgrounds page on your site or if your whole site is a free backgrounds site then this tool will help you out a bunch. It lets you offer a tiled sample page for each of your background images without even having to make the sample pages.

   All you need is the url of my tiler.cgi script and you are all set. The Background Image Tiler displays your background image tiled on a page with different colored text examples.

   Below are 2 code examples of how to use the script and also 2 working link examples. All you do to use this script is to add its url into your image link as shown in the examples below. The script url and your image url are sandwiched together and seperated with a question mark "?". In the examples below the tiler script url is green and your image url will be the red one:

Example 1 (text link)

<a href="http://ult-tex.net/tools/ultra/tiler.cgi?http://yourdomain.com/bgs/back1.gif">
Background 1</a>

Example 2 (image link)

<a href="http://ult-tex.net/tools/ultra/tiler.cgi?http://yourdomain.com/bgs/back1.gif">
<img src="http://yourdomain.com/bgs/back1.gif"></a>

   Ok, now here are the above 2 codes as working demos. Click on the text link and on the image itself to see how both work:

Example 1 (text link)

Background 1

Example 2 (image link)

Here is the url for you to copy and add to your image urls:

Halloween banner

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